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Wilderness Battlefield
Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Confederate Artillery at the Tapp Farm

Materialization at the Tapp Farm
~ August 22, 1999 ~

This portion of the Wilderness Battlefield is militarily noteworthy because the only thing on this field that stood between the Union Army and serious damage to the Confederate Army was a detachment of Confederate artillery. The guns stalled the advance of the Union troops long enough for Texas and Arkansas infantry to come up and counter the Union threat.

It was here that General Lee attempted to lead the charge himself, resulting in the troops yelling "Lee to the rear!"

The result of the hastily thrown together Confederate counter-attack was the beginning of the defeat of Union General Grant in the Wilderness. From here, Grant went on to lose the battle altogether.

The above photograph was taken along the Confederate artillery line, looking towards the tree-line which marks the direction from which the Union troops were advancing. Here, an ectoplasmic mist attempts a materialization, seen in a stage of further development below.

In this photograph, the ectoplasmic mist is clearly taking on the form of an individual, presumably a soldier. The head is clearly defined at the right. "He" is looking slightly to the left of the picture. One eye and a mustache can clearly be seen on the face. The arm, still ectoplasmic, curls around at the left.

~ Cathe Curtis, on-site photographer

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